Things to do




On the farm you’ll find Blesbok, Duiker, Impala, Serval, Zebra, Otter, Black Wildebeest and Reedbuck. Occasionally one can see a Porcupine and Jackal, especially at night.


For the bird enthusiast we have seen over 50 varietes, including Jackal Buzzard, a pair of resident Fish Eagles, Owls, Waterfowl and visiting vultures, if you're lucky enough, you might spot a Secretary Bird.


CAUTION! Wild animals are dangerous and cannot be approached, we ask that you don't interfere with the wildlife. The animals can of course be viewed from close up, as they are often around the dams and close to the cottages, but don't be fooled, please keep your distance and do not approach the wildlife, especially if they have young babies.


Kindly note: Absolutely no hunting allowed.




Our two dams which feature in the annual Kamberg Trout Fishing Festival are well stocked with both Rainbow and Brown Trout. Fishing is strictly with fly fishing equipment ONLY. No use of bass lures / spinners is allowed at all. Fishing is also strictly catch and release. Float tubes are permitted in both dams at your own risk.


Hiking and Walks On the Property


You are welcome to walk anywhere on the farm; we normally encourage visitors to see the Inchbraekie Waterfall when the Spring Grove Dam level allows. There are several animal tracks which you are most welcome to follow. Please ensure that you remain hydrated and carry a stick along with you to fend off any critters that you may come accross whilst out and about. Please be aware of your surrounds and the possibility of the presence of snakes.


Water Sports


Small paddle boats and Canadian canoes are avaliable for use on our dams. Please request life jackets should you feel the need to wear them. Please ensure children are supervised at all times. 


Swimming in the dams is allowed at your own risk.


Mountain Bike Riding


Although the main access area for cycling is around the cottages and on the top roads, there are areas for the avid cyclist to cycle on the property around the dams and in the forest. Beware though, these roads are not for the feint hearted.


We have approximately 8km of dirt roads and encourage you to use them with 4x4 vehicles / vehicles with high clearance only.